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Our mobile occupational health screening units are equipped with the most up to date screening equipment. We save you time, money and aggravation by bringing the clinic to your doorstep.

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Health Screening Services

Lung Function Tests

Any employees exposed to hazardous substances such as fume or dust that could cause asthma should undergo tests.

Hearing Tests

Any Employee working in a noisy environment that may damage their hearing must have a hearing test categorised to HSE standard.

HAVS Testing

All employees who may be exposed to vibration from hand held tools or other sources above action levels must receive HAVS health surveillance.

Dermatitis Checks

Skin problems are common in most industries though workers in some industries are more likely to develop skin problems.

What is Occupational Health Screening?

It is the routine health screening of the workforce or employees to help identify any issues with their health that may impact on their ability to do their job. In some cases for an employer some health screening is a mandatory requirement so we can help organisations with their legal compliance. From an employees perspective it can help safeguard their present health and of that well into the future. Our mobile occupational health screening services bring these services to your doorstep.
Mobile Occupational Health Screening